MODEL #H-6320 Structures Test System Base

Product Details

MODEL #H-6320 Structures Test System Base The Structures Test System is a bench-top sized "learning laboratory" system designed to test and indicate the effects of static and dynamic mechanical loading on models of various engineering components and structures such as beams ("I"-beams, "T"-beams, rectangular and round beams, etc.), simple and complex bridge trusses, cantilever beams and trusses, crane trusses and the like.

  • H-6320-10 Plastic Beam Option
  • H-6320-20 Wing-beam with Whiffle Tree Option
  • H-6320-30 Determinate Bridge Truss Option
  • H-6320-30RK Replacement Kit for H-6320-30
  • H-6320-40 Indeterminate Bridge Truss Option
  • H-6320-40RK Replacement Kit for H-6320-40
  • H-6320-50 Horizontal Beam Option
  • H-6320-60 Crane Beam Option
  • H-6320-70 Vertical Extension Channel Option
  • H-6320-71 Flat Beam Assembly Option
  • H-6320-72 Three Part Beam Assembly
  • H-6320-73 Suspension Bridge
  • H-6320-74 U and S Shape Frames
  • H-6320-CDL (as shown) Structures Test System Base with Computer Data Logging Option