MODEL #H-6310 Materials Strengths Tester

Product Details

MODEL #H-6310 Materials Strengths Tester The Hampden H-6310 is a hydraulic tensile testing machine with a screw-type operating cylinder which gives completely smooth and step-less loading. The cylinder is operated by means of a crank which is designed so that only light hand power is required to obtain maximum load. The pedagogic design of the machine means that the student can observe what is happening throughout the entire procedure.

  • H-6310-10 Tensile Test Rod Set Option
  • H-6310-20 Brinell Test Piece Set Option
  • H-6310-30 Recording Device Option
  • H-6310-31 Bending Device Option
  • H-6310-32 Large Compression Plates Option
  • H-6310-33 Helical Spring Test Option
  • H-6310-34 Disc Spring Test Option
  • H-6310-35 Electronic Force Measurement Option
  • H-6310-36 Shear Test Option
  • H-6310-37 Deep Draw Test Option
  • H-6310-38 PC-Aided Measurement Recording System Option