Model H-FP-223-14 Hydraulic Trainer

Product Details

Model H-FP-223-14 Hydraulic Trainer The Hampden Model H-FP-223-14 Hydraulic Trainer consists of a mobile bench, hydraulic pump, and selection of hardware mounted on a vertical panel. All hydraulics hardware is of commercial quality and configured for training purposes. The vertical panel is constructed of code gauge steel finished in instrument white baked enamel.

  • H-FP-223-14-FP Hydraulic Fault System Option
  • H-FP-223-14-EH Electrohydraulics Option
  • H-FP-223-14-P Pneumatics Option
  • H-FP-223-14-A Accumulator Option
  • H-FP-223-14-JS Joystick Option
  • H-FP-223-14-PPS Pneumatic Air Supply Option
  • H-FP-223-14-PLC Programmable Logic Controller
  • H-FP-223-14/15-CD Simulator Software Option for Hydraulics and Pneumatics