MODEL #H-6920 Pipe Friction Demonstrator

Product Details

MODEL #H-6920 Pipe Friction Demonstrator MODEL #H-6920 Pipe Friction Demonstrator The Hampden Model H-6920 Pipe Friction Demonstrator provides complete facilities for the investigation of the phenomena associated with incompressible fluid flow in conduits. (H-6920 shown with accessories)

  • H-6920-CDL Pipe Friction Demonstrator with Computer Data Logging Option (LabVIEW w/o Software)
  • H-6920-11 Venturi Tube Option
  • H-6920-12 Pitot Tube Option
  • H-6920-13 Flow Nozzle Option
  • H-6920-14 Vortex Flowmeter Option
  • H-6920-14-CDL Vortex Flowmeter with Computer Data Logging Option
  • H-6920-15 Turbine Flowmeter Option
  • H-6920-15-CDL Turbine Flowmeter with Computer Data Logging Option
  • H-6920-16 Magnetic Flowmeter Option
  • H-6920-16-CDL Magnetic Flowmeter with Computer Data Logging Option
  • H-6920-17 Mass Flowmeter Option
  • H-6920-20 Differential Pressure Transmitter (Pipe Friction) Option
  • H-6927-10 Digital Manometer Option
  • H-6920-22 Water Pump System Option
  • H-6920-31 Globe Valve Option
  • H-6920-32 Butterfly Valve Option
  • H-6920-33 Ball Valve Option
  • H-6920-34 Needle Valve Option
  • H-6920-35 Gate Valve Option
  • H-6920-37 Stainless Steel Pipe and Plastic Pipe Interchangeable Sections Option
  • H-6920-MR Mobile Storage Cart Option,