MODEL #H-ACT-1 Air Conditioning System Trainer (R-410A)

Product Details

MODEL #H-ACT-1 Air Conditioning System Trainer (R-410A) The Hampden Model H-ACT-1 Air Conditioning System Trainer is based on R-410A refrigerant. R-410A is an efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerant. The Model H-ACT-1 is designed to provide the student with a thorough understanding of the systems used in residential and commercial applications. The system components are panel mounted and provide easy access for testing and troubleshooting.

  • H-ACT-DMP Digital Meter Package Option
  • H-ACT-FP-10E Electrical Fault Package Option
  • H-ACT-TC Digital Temperature Package Option with Thermocouples
  • H-ACT-1-CDL Computer Data Logging Package
  • H-RST-DMB Digital Manifold with Bluetooth