MODEL #H-RST-3B Basic Refrigeration Trainer (R-134a)

Product Details

MODEL #H-RST-3B Basic Refrigeration Trainer (R-134a) The Hampden Model H-RST-3B Basic Refrigeration Trainer was designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of the refrigeration cycle, including measurement of pressure, vacuum, flow rate, and temperature.

  • H-RST-3B-CDL Basic Refrigeration Trainer with Computer Data Logging & Software Option (R-134a) (includes H-RST-TC)
  • H-RST-MP (shown) Instrument Package Option
  • H-RST-FP-10E Fault Package Option - Electrical
  • H-RST-FP-M Fault Package Option - Mechanical
  • H-RST-TC Digital Temperature Module Option with thermocouples (H-RST-3B only)
  • H-RST-DMB Digital Manifold with Bluetooth Option