MODEL #H-6160 Solid-to-Liquid Extraction Demonstrator

Product Details

MODEL #H-6160 Solid-to-Liquid Extraction Demonstrator The Hampden Model H-6160 Solid-To-Liquid Extraction Demonstrator permits student study of the fundamentals of a solid/liquid extraction system. The student is able to determine the operating characteristics of solvent extraction from a packed bed. The equipment is constructed out of stainless steel and glass for material compatibility. Furthermore, glass parts are used where observation of the process is informative. The corrosion resistant nature of the equipment allows the unit to be used with a wide variety of systems including: water/inorganic salts; water/sugar beets; methylene chloride/vegetable oil; water/coffee and others. All experiments use non-flammable solvents.

  • H-6160-CDL Solid-to-Liquid Extraction with Computer Data Logging Option (LabVIEW w/ Software)