MODEL #H-6540 Water Hydraulics System complete w/all accessories

Product Details

MODEL #H-6540 Water Hydraulics System complete w/all accessories The Hampden Water Hydraulics System consists of a Mobile Hydraulics Bench Model H-6540-10 and a complete line of basic to advanced demonstration & experimentation equipment. Each unit has been designed to fully demonstrate specific working properties of hydraulic theory. The Model H-6540-10 Water Hydraulic Bench is shown in the with H-6540-22 Losses in Bends Apparatus Available accessories are as follows:

  • H-6540-10 Water Hydraulic Bench (shown)
  • H-6540-11 Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Module
  • H-6540-12 Hydrostatic Pressure Module
  • H-6540-13 Weir Set
  • H-6540-14 Metacentric Height Module
  • H-6540-15 Bernoullis Theorem Demonstration Apparatus
  • H-6540-16 Impact of a Jet Module
  • H-6540-17 Orifice Calibration Apparatus
  • H-6540-17a Orifice Calibration Apparatus with (5) additional orifice plates
  • H-6540-18 energy Loss Pipes
  • H-6540-19 Flow Visualization Channel
  • H-6540-20 Reynolds Demonstration Apparatus
  • H-6540-21 Flowmeter Demonstration Module
  • H-6540-22 Losses in Bends Apparatus (shown)
  • H-6540-23 Free and Forced Vortices Apparatus
  • H-6540-24 Hydraulic Ram Apparatus
  • H-6540-25 Pelton Turbine Demonstrator
  • H-6540-26 Series-Parallel Pump
  • H-6540-27 Centrifugal Pump