MODEL #H-ETS-1A-TMP Ethanol Training System

Product Details

MODEL #H-ETS-1A-TMP Ethanol Training System The Hampden Model H-ETS-1A-TMP Ethanol Training System is designed to facilitate the instruction of students on the process required to produce ethanol for experimental purposes. Ethanol is a very promising fuel alternative to oil since sources are widely available and ethanol is clean-burning. The student will be able to observe and control the process of producing ethanol from corn, sugar, sorghum, fruits or several other sources. When using this unit along with the Fractional Distillation option, it is possible to produce ethanol with up to 96% purity. (H-ETS-1A-CDL shown)

  • Fractional Distillation Unit (Table Top Unit)
  • Measurement Equipment
  • Mason Jars (1 case)