MODEL #H-6940 Multi-purpose Flume 8 foot

Product Details

MODEL #H-6940 Multi-purpose Flume 8 foot The Hampden Model H-6940 Multi-Purpose Flume has been developed to investigate the basic principles of fluid mechanics. Among the investigations covered are various weirs, flume, gate siphon and spilling.

  • H-6940-10 Channel Extension Option (8 ft. (2.5m), H-6940-11 Roughened Bed Option (8 ft. (2.5m), H-6940-12 Raised Channel Bed Option, H-6940-13 Overflow Spillway Option, H-6940-14 Flow Splitter Option, H-6940-15 Syphon Spillway Option, H-6940-16 Radial Gate Option, H-6940-17 Culvert Fitting Set Option, H-6940-18 Pitot Tube with Manometer Option.