Product Details

MODEL #H-6950 Flow Measurement Unit The Hampden Model H-6950 Flow Measurement Unit is designed to demonstrate the fundamental principles of flow measurement. Standard industrial flow sensors are used to measure the flow rates. The student can measure the primary output of the flow sensor; e.g. differential pressure, frequency or pulse; and measure the secondary (flow rate) signal. In addition, the student can also measure the pressure drop of each flow sensor and water temperature. Thus the student is able to check the accuracy, linearity and repeatability of each flow sensor and necessary transducers.

  • H-6950-CDL Flow Measurement Unit with Computer Data Logging Option (LabVIEW w/o Software)
  • H-6950-20 Turbine Flowmeter Option
  • H-6950-20-CDL Turbine Flowmeter w/ CDL Option
  • H-6950-30 Vortex Flowmeter Option
  • H-6950-30-CDL Vortex Flowmeter w/ CDL Option
  • H-6950-40 Magnetic Flowmeter Option
  • H-6950-40-CDL Magnetic Flowmeter w/ CDL Option