MODEL #H-6850-21 Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger

Product Details

MODEL #H-6850-21 Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger The Hampden Model H-6850-21 Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger has been developed to investigate the fundamental principles of heat transfer as applied to a tube-in-tube heat exchanger. The apparatus permits the student to move from classroom theory to a hands-on application with all of the practical training. The student shall measure the variables that affect the overall heat transfer coefficient. The "cold" and "hot" fluid temperatures and flow rates are monitored at strategic locations. The unit can be configured to operate as either a parallel flow or counterflow heat exchanger. By varying the fluid flow rates, laminar, transitional or turbulent flow conditions can be created.

  • H-6850-21-CDL Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger with Computer Data Logging Option (LabVIEW w/o Software)