MODEL #H-6840 Educational Thermo-Electric Pump

Product Details

MODEL #H-6840 Educational Thermo-Electric Pump The Hampden Model H-6840 Educational Thermo-Electric Pump demonstrates the Peltier Effect. In 1834, Jean C. A. Peltier discovered that the passage of an electrical current through the junction of two dissimilar conductors cools or heats the junction, depending on the direction of current. It turns out that the heat generation (or absorption rate) is proportional to the magnitude of the current and dependent on the temperature of the junction. The Thermo-Electric effect has applications in the field of mini-temperature control requirements for electronics, space and missile internal guidance systems.

  • H-6840-CDL Educational Thermo-Electric Pump with Computer Data Logging Option (LabVIEW w/o Software)