MODEL #H-6805 Temperature Measurement Bench, Type K

Product Details

MODEL #H-6805 Temperature Measurement Bench, Type K The Hampden Model H-6805 Temperature Measurement Bench is designed to allow students to determine the operating characteristics of temperature measuring devices. The student is able to measure the accuracy, response time, repeatability, hysteresis and other characteristics of a temperature measuring device. The unit can also be used to test temperature measuring devices against reference standards. Model H-6805 shown with optional Model H-6805-10 and Model H-6805-20.

  • H-6805-10 Air Compressor and Pressure Regulator Option
  • H-6805-20 Thermistor Package Option
  • H-6805-30 Thermocouple Type J Package Option
  • H-6805-40 Thermocouple Type T Package Option
  • H-6805-50 Thermocouple Type E Package Option